Zimbra Mobile Client


Through the Zimbra Collaboration Suite you can access your email, contacts, and calendar using your Zimbra Mobile Web Client. This provides you on-the-go access to your Zimbra and Perak email services and calendaring applications.

Steps to log on

  1. Launch your Mobile Browser
  2. Key in the URL - https://webmel.perak.gov.my/m
  3. Enter your existing email Username and Password
  4. Click Login
  5. You are now logged in

Zimbra Mobile Web Client features:

  • Real time access to email, address book, and calendar
  • View shared content (folders, contacts, schedules)
  • Zimbra conversati on views
  • Conduct advanced mailbox searches
  • View all folders, saved searches, flags and tags

Important note

Please note that when you access Internet from your mobile, you will be charged data charges by your Telco. If you have not subscribed to a data plan, the charges can be expensive. We advise that you contact your Telco to subscribe to a data plan. There are many types of data plans offered by Telcos & the charges vary depending on the plan you choose. The charges will depend on the amount of data (bytes) requested and sent from and to your mobile phone. Please contact your Telco for further enquiries on data activation & the different types of data plans.

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